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our story
Marc and Caroline Intervera started the Wholefood Garden in 2002. Their goal was to find the richest soil that will produce the sweetest vegetables and fruit... more
our crops
Our crops are grown as part of a natural system. Successful crop production focuses on the health of the soil, weed control, crop nutrition and control of pests and diseases.
our produce
We specialise in baby cut leaf lettuce production, strawberry and tomato growing. Mesclun is our most popular cut leaf crop. Other lines include ... more
why organic?
We believe organic produce is more nutritious, tastes better and respects our beliefs for the environment. It is an attitude towards life that to live as natural ... more
our distributors
Organics Direct (Flemington Markets)
United Organics (Brisbane Markets)
Steve’s Organics (Adelaide Markets)
like minded people
We employ a team of people who have like-minded attitudes to assist us in the production and post-harvest activities on the farm.
Through the Biological Farmers of Australia, we have a Certificate of Compliance with ‘Australian Certified Organic’ as an A grade Organic Producer (10223A)

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